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Main Catalogue

Main Catalogue

For the museum’s opening in 2010, we published a comprehensive and in-depth illustrated selection catalogue. It shows many of the exhibits and provides an overview of the collections that are housed in the Xanten Chapter Museum. In addition, it contains interesting background information about the planning and construction of the museum.


StiftsMuseum Xanten

von Dr. Udo Grote und Elisabeth Maas MA
Verlag StiftsMuseum Xanten
1. Auflage 2010
334 Seiten, zahlreiche farbige Abbildungen

The catalogue can be purchased at a price of 20€ at the museum cashier.

You will find a few extracts to browse through here:

Leseprobe Katalog: Almosentasche

Alms purse

Leseprobe Katalog: Ziborium und Urkundenlade

Ciborium and manusript chest

Leseprobe Katalog: Brevier


We will gladly send you the catalogue on demand (additional postage and packing)

Open guided tour

The Chapter Museum offers an open guided tour every Sunday at 2.30pm. (During the summer season April to September)

The tour takes about an hour. Solely the usual admission charge for the museum has to be paid. The guided tour itself is for free!


NEW Special offers for groups

The Xanten Chapter Museum offers attractive packages for groups. By the slogan “day trip into the Middle Ages” there is an astounding combination of cultural enjoyment and sociability that finds an audience in all age groups.

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