Das Xantener StiftChapter of St. Victor

The Chapter of St. Victor

The chapter community of St. Victor existed in Xanten across a timeframe of about one thousand years. From the second half of the 8th century the canons celebrated church services and cared for the remembrance of the martyr Victor. Originally a memorial (end of the 4th century) occupied Victor’s legendary gravesite. Over time, this was replaced by new constructions and expansions. In the middle of the 9th century, the canons erected the imposing three-nave basilica. 

The chapter community grew and became more aristocratic; property increased on a continuous basis: soon thereafter, possessory comprised the land of Maas and Waal in present-day Netherlands to the Ruhr area.

In 1263, Provost Friedrich von Hochstaden, the brother of the Archbishop of Cologne, Konrad von Hochstaden, laid the foundations for the new construction of choir and nave in the French-Gothic architectural style, which was modern at the time. The new five-nave basilica was completed in the year 1519.

The Chapter Museum is housed in the historic rooms of the former Victor’s chapter at the cloister. Originally these largely served the purpose of administration building and chapter school.


Open guided tour

The Chapter Museum offers an open guided tour every Sunday at 2.30pm. (During the summer season April to September)

The tour takes about an hour. Solely the usual admission charge for the museum has to be paid. The guided tour itself is for free!


NEW Special offers for groups

The Xanten Chapter Museum offers attractive packages for groups. By the slogan “day trip into the Middle Ages” there is an astounding combination of cultural enjoyment and sociability that finds an audience in all age groups.

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