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The Collection


The "triple treat" consisting of a treasury, archive and library determines the Chapter Museum's concept. The permanent exhibition ties in to the legend of St. Victor and also takes the Roman times in the area of Xanten into consideration. On display are in particular the artistic liturgical vessels and reliquaries, sculptures, paraments (chasubles and other church-specific textiles) and liturgical books. The parament treasure is among the most significant and comprehensive north of the Alps.

Beyond this, the Xanten Chapter Museum also shows aspects of manorialism and economic management, the regional history, the architectural history of the collegiate church, the production of manuscripts and printings and other handicraft objects, as well as the story of certain religious orders.

The collection of graphics that include many valuable portraits as well as sceneries, maps and historic representations was newly established.

The focus of the presentation is always on the original object, which is all around visibly presented as a valuable exhibit in an own display case. The sensitive illumination turns the exhibition rooms into a quiet – and at times mystical – venue for experiences.

Open guided tour

The Chapter Museum offers an open guided tour every Sunday at 2.30pm. (During the summer season April to September)

The tour takes about an hour. Solely the usual admission charge for the museum has to be paid. The guided tour itself is for free!


NEW Special offers for groups

The Xanten Chapter Museum offers attractive packages for groups. By the slogan “day trip into the Middle Ages” there is an astounding combination of cultural enjoyment and sociability that finds an audience in all age groups.

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