WerkstattRestoration workshop
The Chapter Library

Restoration Workshop

Connected to the chapter museum is a workshop for book and paper restoration. As a part of special tours, you will gain insights into the preservation and restoration processes.

The manufacturing of parchment, paper and inks is also visualised as the book binding techniques. You will receive interesting information regarding the use of watermarks and roller handstamps and that recycling is an invention dating from the Middle Ages.

The combination of modern analytic methods and traditional skills reflects the diversity of the restoration work.

Please feel free to read more about the work of conservator Claudia Kienzle in the Chapter Journal.

Impressions from the restoration workshop

Open guided tour

The Chapter Museum offers an open guided tour every Sunday at 2.30pm. (During the summer season April to September)

The tour takes about an hour. Solely the usual admission charge for the museum has to be paid. The guided tour itself is for free!


NEW Special offers for groups

The Xanten Chapter Museum offers attractive packages for groups. By the slogan “day trip into the Middle Ages” there is an astounding combination of cultural enjoyment and sociability that finds an audience in all age groups.

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