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The fascinating culture of the chapters and monasteries defined medieval Germany. The church constructions such as the St. Victor Cathedral in Xanten stand as silent witnesses to this culture. A unique collection of altars, sculptures, tapestries, choirstalls and stained glass windows are contained here. One special feature is the well-preserved adjoining buildings of the former St. Victor's chapter housing the cloister, chapter house, school, administration building, court place, archive, library, cathedral building lodge, St. Michael’s Chapel, and a wreath from former canon houses.

The Chapter Museum is located in the middle of this fascinating ensemble of buildings.

Visitors will encounter items that bore witness to the history of the cathedral and St. Victor's chapter as well as the history of the entire region. The heart of the collection is the Xanten church treasures. The irreplaceable stock dates back to the 5th century and includes numerous internationally renowned artefacts. Aside from the collection of high-quality reliquary caskets, liturgical vessels, sculptures and paintings spanning from the 5th to the 19th century, the stock includes a large treasure of liturgical vestments with its over 450 artistic textiles.

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The Xanten chapter

St. Victor's Cathedral

Open guided tour

The Chapter Museum offers an open guided tour every Sunday at 2.30pm. (During the summer season April to September)

The tour takes about an hour. Solely the usual admission charge for the museum has to be paid. The guided tour itself is for free!